Monday, May 2, 2016

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply {+ Giveaway}

I’m excited to remind you that tomorrow (May 3rd) is the release date for USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear’s ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY, the sixth installment in her Silver Town Wolf series.

Thanks to Terry and the wonderful folks at Sourcebooks, I have a print copy of ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY to giveaway. Please see the end of the post for more giveaway details.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book:

An alpha werewolf meets his match in this sizzling paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear

Wolf shifter and park ranger Eric Silver is committed to his job policing spectacular San Isabel National Forest, and he’s hot on the scent of some mysterious wolves who are up to no good. When Eric’s investigation leads him to cross paths with forester Pepper Grayling, he’s fascinated to learn this she-wolf is her pack’s leader—strong, independent, and definitely not looking for a mate.

With unknown dangers on the prowl, Pepper is tempted to give in to her attraction to Eric and align her pack with his. But Pepper’s been pursued by many an alpha male out to take over her pack and gain her hard-won territory—and Eric is a born leader. How does Eric earn the trust of a she-wolf who’s been betrayed so often in the past?

ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY is available at the following sites: Amazon, Apple, BAM, Barnes and Noble, Chapters, Indiebound, and Kobo.

You may recall that Terry joined us on Monday, April 18th, to talk about the various wolf reserves she visited while writing this book. Today, I have another excerpt from the book to share with you.

An Excerpt from Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply

      “Hi, Pepper,” the blond man said and closed his truck door.
      Was it Waldron? Son of a gun.
      He was rugged looking, like he lived half the time in the mountains cutting trees by handsaw, muscled, stubble covering his jawline, his amber eyes appealing to her to give him a chance. His mouth remained serious though, as if it was too difficult to even approach offering her a smile. Which made Eric think the man was truly irritated with her for all that she’d done with the Silver Pack.
      Pepper stopped and crossed her arms. “I want you to pay damages for the buildings you had burned in Silver Town, Waldron.”
      “We didn’t have anything to do with that. Sorry for the trouble they’ve had. I offered to send some of my carpenters to help out though, just as a way to assist another pack in the vicinity.”
      “But you knew about it and had motive, so I don’t believe you when you say you had nothing to do with it. Worse, you went after places that all had to do with the Fairhaven boys being taken in—the jailhouse, the tow truck place, and Eric’s house—because you have some notion he’s interested in courting me.”
      “Hell, he is.”
      “All right, and so what if he is? That’s my business, not yours.”
      “If he is, he’d better watch his back.”
      “And you think this is supposed to intimidate me? Make me give him up? I don’t understand how you think this will make me change my mind about you. You have nothing to offer me.”
      “Protection from other alpha wolves wanting what you have. Not only that, but all wolves want offspring. And since you don’t have any of your own…” He raised a brow. “I can give them to you.”
      Halfway to the building, Eric stopped walking and stood next to an SUV, listening to the conversation. As long as Pepper was handling this to her satisfaction, Eric didn’t want to butt in. Surefire way to make her feel he was trying to take over. Although it was killing him not to have his say over the burning of the buildings in Silver Town. He figured that after she left, he’d have a private word with Waldron.
      “If you harm anyone, set any more fires, anything else like that—”
      “What? Are you going to make me pay?” Waldron gave her a smart-ass smirk, reminiscent of Jonathan’s action, and Eric guessed the kid was copying the pack leader.
      Eric bristled. He’d make him pay for it.
      “Oh, and by the way, the Fairhaven boys? They’ve been nothing but trouble since they grew old enough to be trouble. Their parents are well rid of them. If the Silvers want to charge the boys for the arsons, they have my blessing.”
      “So your pack members did do the damage. Thanks. I’ll let Darien know.”
      “No. I’m just saying if anyone has a real gripe with the town, it would be the teens. The tow-truck business, jailhouse—”
      “And Eric? How does he figure into all this as far as the boys are concerned? He wasn’t involved in their arrest.”
      “He lectured them at the park when he had no right to.”
      “He’s a law-enforcement park ranger working in that park, and the teens were stalking us. So yeah, he had every right and the badge to go along with it.”
      Eric wondered how the boys would view their pack leader now that he was laying the blame on them, especially since Waldron had to have put them up to it. If he left them to deal with the repercussions, the boys might even reveal the truth this time and not take the bum rap.
      “I’ve got business to take care of,” Pepper said and turned to leave.
      “You wanted the Fairhaven twins, and I’m giving them to you without any fuss. So what do I get in return?” Waldron asked, smiling.
      She faced him again, her expression composed. “Peace of mind now that the teens who are nothing but trouble are no longer giving you grief in the pack? You owe me for taking them off your hands.” She turned then and stalked off to her vehicle.
      Eric smiled. Pepper handled that like a she-wolf with real class.


Author Terry Spear
USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.

A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world and is raising two Havanese puppies. She lives in Crawford, Texas.

For further information on Terry and her writing, visit her website for more sizzling werewolf romance!


This giveaway is for one print copy of ALPHA WOLF NEED NOT APPLY by Terry Spear. The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. only and will end at 12 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday, May 10.

To enter the giveaway, just click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. The widget may take a few seconds to load so please be patient. A winner will be selected by the Rafflecopter widget and I’ll send an email with the subject line “Thoughts in Progress Giveaway.” The winner will have 72 hours to reply to the email or another winner will be selected. PLEASE be sure to check your spam folder from time to time after the giveaway ends to make sure the notification email doesn’t end up there. If you win and you’ve already won the book somewhere else or you just decided for whatever reason you don’t want to win (which is fine), once again PLEASE let me know.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sign of the Green Dragon ..… Revealed

I’d excited and thrilled to be a part of author C. Lee McKenzie’s cover reveal for her upcoming release, SIGN OF THE GREEN DRAGON.

Doesn’t the cover just grab you and transport you to a magical place where you want to learn more? Here’s a synopsis of this fascinating new middle grade novel.

This hasn’t been the best year for Sam, and it just got worse. Right when he thought he’d found a permanent home, his finicky guardian tells him he’s shipping Sam off to private school. This means Sam won’t bat for his team, and if he doesn’t, Haggarty Elementary won’t win the baseball championship again this year. His two teammates, Joey and Roger, are determined to stash him in their secret cave—at least until he brings in the winning run.
While the boys explore the hideout, an earthquake crumbles a wall, revealing a hidden room—and it’s not empty. A dragon-carved chest opens to reveal a human skeleton, its hand-bones clutching a note with a crudely drawn map. At the top of the map is scribbled, 1859.
Sam, Joey and Roger learn about a treasure lying in wait, if only they can locate something called the Dragon Twin, reveal the truth about an old murder, and return a person named Mei Ling to her ancestors in China.
The boys are up for the challenge. But how? They only have the map showing the way to an old mining town, and some strange symbols they can’t understand. None of them can make sense of the note. Who’s Mei Ling? And what the heck is a Dragon Twin?
With time running out before he’s sent packing, Sam and his friends set out on an adventure that has much higher stakes than any baseball championship—one that gets them into trouble with a modern crime, pits them against ancient Chinese dragons, and reveals the true meaning of treasure for each of them.

SIGN OF THE GREEN DRAGON doesn’t release until August, but you can mark it ‘Want to Read’ at Goodreads and pre-order it now at Smashwords, Barnesand Noble, and Kobo. 


Author C. Lee McKenzie
C. Lee McKenzie is a 4 and 5 star reviewed author. Her greatest passion is writing for young readers. Sign of the Green Dragon is her third Middle Grade novel. Alligators Overhead and the sequel, The Great Time Lock Disaster were her first two. She has traditionally published four young adult novels: Sliding on the Edge, The Princess of Las Pulgas, Double Negative and Sudden Secrets.

For more on the author and her writing, visit her website and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. You’ll be seeing Lee’s upcoming release all over blogdom this month. Be sure to check it out and place your pre-order early. Are you a fan of dragons? Have you ever or would you like to participate in a treasure hunt?

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri

For your reading pleasure you sometimes just want a story that is short and quick to read, but you still want that writing to be engaging and have an impact.

When you open a copy of PIECES LIKE POTTERY by Dan Buri, you’ll find an engrossing collection of short stories that will captivate your emotions and satisfy your reading taste buds. The numerous stories epitomize all of your senses and emotions as you’re drawn into each plot.

The nine stories are as varied in their plots as the reactions drawn from the reader. The tales deal with pain and suffering, hope and inspiration, overcoming our inner demons to survive. Each story touches you in different ways while stimulating your senses.

The author’s style of writing is easy flowing quickly drawing you into each setting. He has created well-balanced characters readers can relate to or feel emotions toward. Buri’s rich descriptions brings each story to life right on the page.

The numerous stories in PIECES LIKE POTTERY come together to form a wonderful reading experience. Readers will be transported and uplifted by the resiliency of love and human nature found throughout these tales.

Pieces Like Pottery by Dan Buri, DJB Publishing, @2015, ASIN: BO163NLWDQ, Digital, 522 KB File Size, 179 Pages

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you to check out this collection of short stories. Do you find that sometimes you just want a quick story to read instead of a tale that takes days to finish?

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss

The name Vanderbilt brings to mind wealth and fame and to some that automatically translates to happiness.

However, in THE RAINBOW COMES AND GOES Gloria Vanderbilt tells her son, Anderson Cooper, some of the heartaches and sorrows she has faced growing up dubbed ‘the poor, little rich girl.’ Thought emails the mother and son shared over a year period listeners learn money truly does not buy happiness and love. The story is read by Gloria and Anderson giving listeners an added bonus.

After his mother suffered a brief serious illness at age 91, Anderson resolved to get to know her better. They began corresponding through emails which lead them to have more in depth and honest discussions than they had ever had. Anderson questioned his mother about her childhood and the choices she had made along the way.

THE RAINBOW COMES AND GOES cover a year-long discussion between mother and son that brought them to a closer understanding of each other. In their own voices, the two share their sorrows and disappointments, along with fleeting moments of happiness. Gloria talks at length about growing up without a father or father figure in her life, her unresolved feelings toward her mother, and what life was like for a young girl thrown into the spotlight when family members fought in court to control her inheritances.

This is not a story about having it all. It’s a touching, tender story of a young girl searching for love and family, her drive to live, and the life she created. In addition, it’s a story of a grown son’s love and admiration for his mother and the driving spirit that pushes him forward.

Through the telling of triumphs and tragedies, the story stresses the need for parents and children to share more between themselves. The sometimes humorous and often very candied private thoughts reveal a lot remains to be shared if only one will pursue it.

An inspiring memoir that might just change the way you view people, especially those who have it all. This is a lovely reminder to connect with those you love before it’s too late.

The Rainbow Comes and Goes: A Mother and Son on Life, Love, and Loss, Narrated by Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper, Harper Audio, @2016, ASIN: BO1BLV2086, Unabridged, Audible Audio Edition, Run Time: 6 Hours and 16 Minutes

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this audio book was sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I encourage you to check out this fascinating audio. I was truly surprised by the in depth personal look into their lives. Do you know the background of Gloria Vanderbilt and how she was in court at age 9 due to her inheritances?

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wages of Sin by Nancy Allen

It’s always a pleasure to share with you when I know an intriguing new book is about to hit the bookstores.

Today I want to highlight THE WAGES OF SIN by Nancy Allen, published by Witness Impulse. While this book became available in eBook (ISBN: 978-0062438751) yesterday, the print format (ISBN: 978-0062438768) doesn’t release until June 14. This is the third installment in Nancy’s Ozarks Mysteries series.

THE WAGES OF SIN is another suspenseful legal thriller set in the Ozark hills starring prosecutor Elsie Arnold, who’s ready to deliver justice for a pregnant woman who was killed--with the only witness her young daughter--but, arguing for capital punishment in a small town, Elsie’s in for more than she bargained.

Here's a brief synopsis of the book …
In rural McCown County, Missouri, a young pregnant woman is found beaten to death in a trailer park. The only witness to the murder is Ivy, her six-year-old daughter, who points to her mom’s boyfriend—father of the unborn child. County prosecutor Madeleine Thompson promises the community justice, and in the Ozarks, that can only mean one thing: a death sentence.
When Madeleine’s first choice for co-counsel declines to try a death penalty case, she is forced to turn to assistant prosecutor Elsie Arnold. Elsie is reluctant to join forces with her frosty boss, but the road to conviction seems smooth—until unexpected facts about the victim arise, and the testimony of the lone eyewitness Ivy becomes increasingly crucial. Against Elsie’s advice, Madeleine brings in the state attorney general’s office to assist them, while cutthroat trial attorney Claire O’Hara joins the defense.
Elsie will not let the power of prosecution—of seeking justice—be wrested from her without a fight. She wants to win the case, and to avenge the death of the mother and her unborn child. But as the trial nears, Elsie begins to harbor doubts about the death penalty itself. Meanwhile, the child Ivy is in greater danger than anyone knows.


Author Nancy Allen
Nancy Allen practiced law for 15 years as Assistant Missouri Attorney General and Assistant Prosecutor in her native Ozarks. She tried over 30 jury trials, including murder and sexual offenses, and is now a law instructor at Missouri State University.

For more on Nancy and her writing, visit her at Goodreads.

Other books in the Ozarks Mysteries series included: THE CODE OF THE HILLS (Book #1) and A KILLING AT THE CREEK (Book #2).

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you to be on the lookout for this fascinating book. Have you read the earlier books in this series? Does it matter if the prosecutor is male or female in the stories you read?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wizards, Witches, and Muggles, Oh My!

I’m thrilled to be participating in Next Century Publishing’s huge promotion for Reader’s Legacy through April 30, which includes a 20% off sale on all of J.K. Rowling’s books. 

Their aim in doing this is to bring attention to their Grant Program, in which they will be giving away books to children across the nation (see details below).

The votes are in, and in a remarkable landslide, J.K. Rowling has been identified as the top author of Reader’s Legacy! To celebrate Ms. Rowling’s literary triumph, we looked into our Goblet of Fire and pulled these out 10 magical phrases; sure to guarantee any Potterhead the Hogwarts acceptance letter they’ve been waiting for!

1.      “It’s no good crying over spilt potion.” – Meaning there is no use in worrying about events that have already taken place, and that cannot be undone.

2.    “In the name of Merlin.” – An expression of bewilderment. EX: “What in the name of Merlin, are you doing?”

3.    “Like bowtuckles on doxy eggs.” – Meaning to stick to someone or something, incredibly close. Used in a sentence, “She took to potions like bowtuckles on doxyeggs.”

4.    “I’ll take Cadogan’s Pony.” – Meaning to make light of a dark situation.

5.     “The fire’s lit but the cauldron’s empty.” – Meaning someone seemingly functions in a proper manner, but is actually socially inept.

6.    “The tip of the dungheap.” – Synonymous to the muggle idiom, ‘Tip of the Iceberg’, it symbolizes a smaller piece of a larger picture.

7.     “To have a hairy heart.” – Meaning, someone bitter. To have a cold and unforgiving way about you.

8.    “Don’t count your owls before they are delivered.” – Meaning to not plan on anything expected to happen in the future, as said to Harry Potter by Dumbledore in ‘The Half-Blood Prince’.

9.    “Hanged for a dragon as an egg.” – A larger punishment for a minor offence in order to bring the point across stronger to the offender.

10.  “Time is Galleons.” – Meaning, time is money.

As an added perk of Reader’s Legacy’s Rowling celebration, we will be holding a special 20% off sale for each of her novels from April 25th to April 30th –
The sale not only celebrates J.K. Rowling, but was also brings attention for a special grant program we have created in order to give away one (1) million physical books in support of literacy programs! 

Spreading a love of books, and ending illiteracy around the world is 100% possible, and with the help of reader’s on the site, we believe will be one step closer to achieving that goal! Get in on this sale HERE.